Album: Much Said About Nothing

The Album Concept

We are, or were, a dance music group, releasing House and Tech House music. Podje gained a reputation as one of Dublin’s top house music DJs in Ireland through the nineties but prior to that (and since) Podje rocked dance floors with commercial music.!! 4SuMotion wanted to reflect that in their music and release a multi genre electronic album which is not purely for “single use” DJ sets but instead music to listen to with genre variations throughout to bring the listener on a Journey and encapsulate the varied tastes of 4SuMotion..

“We decided that we were going to concentrate on the music that we wanted to make, we had a lot of fun making it and feel it is the the direction we want to go” – Podje (4SuMotion)

The Tracks –

1. Champagne feat. Speedy Monsta: is a collaboration with USA rap artist – Speedy Monsta. It’s a full rap hip hop tempo track with chorus vocals by our own Ping.

2. Himself: Is a downtempo house track with fun and semi sarcastic vocals from Ping.

3. Dance to Forget: Is an upbeat, full vocal house track with a bouncey but driving bass.

4. Sad Song: is a floaty full vocal chill out track.

5. Got to have it: Is an epic sounding house track with a light vocal sprinkling.

6. What I need: is a break up, female empowered modern ballad with intense but simple down tempo melodies.

7. Much Said About Nothing: The title track – and yes it says nothing, the lyrics don’t all add up to say much but it sounds great.. There are double meanings in the lyrics of this diving Drum and Bass track..

8. Be afraid: Is a tech house track with retro elements and vocals here are from the younger 4SuMotion members (the kids)


9. Let’s Get Out Of Here: Is a grungy, distorted vocal trip hop track with attitude..



IDJ MAGAZINE REVIEW – November 25 2018

Mysterious Irish producers Podje and Ping join forces


Here we have an idiosyncratic release from the Krafted stable, featuring two tracks that sound individual enough to stand out from the pack, but that will still fit into a DJ set with ease.


First up is the title track, which starts out with a moaned female vocal snippet, then moves straight into the groove. An organ riff functions as the main hook, augmented by a high female vocal and a skippy drum pattern which eventually comes to a breakdown, where the vocal takes centre stage and the organ line recedes into the background. It kind of reminds me of the organ sound The Doors used to use, which is high praise indeed from a Doors fan like me!


The second track, Thoughts From Outer Space, begins with a funky rhythm guitar loop, kick and hi-hat. Eventually a simple vocal line comes into play, which at first features sung sounds rather than words, giving it a jazzy, soulful feel. As it hits a breakdown the vocalist starts to sing actual words in a soft voice, which adds to the whole jazzy vibe and makes this track really stand out from the pack.


The second track is my favourite here but I’ll happily play both, as this release is a real breath of fresh air.


Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 23 November

4SuMotion – Without You EP  – 24 / 9 / 18

Next from the Irish duo 4SuMotion, coming up on Pro B Tech is their latest EP ‘Without You’. Three fun, original mixes with playful and intense vocals ready to invade every dance floor this summer.


‘Just A Little Bit’ is a tech house piece that will keep everyone’s hands up high and ‘Without You’ is marked by a pleasant communication between the shimmering sound elements characteristic of this track. The last one to complete this EP is ‘Do What I Do’, a slower tempo song that adds old-school notes to this versatile record.


Don’t miss out on this fresh release!



4SuMotion – Climbing Song EP – 29 / 6 / 18

The latest Hydrogen release sees the return of Irish duo 4SuMotion with their brand-new single ‘Climbing Song’. Hailing from Ireland, the duo delivers a track full of attitude, that is punchy and driven, with its dark slant, yet tasty melodies and vocals. They have developed a unique style; a dynamic, groovy, deep and hypnotic fusion of genres that perfectly fits in any kind of club or open-air festival. Climbing Song is a beautifully layered gem, that oozes class and is destined to do some serious dance floor damage, personifying producers on top of their game. Essential stuff!

The release features 2 outstanding reworks from: CJ Peeton and First of the Last.

Last but not least we have a wonderful rework of last year’s smash from 4SuMotion who reworked the track for 2018. The rework flows with purpose from the instant it starts, encapsulating a wealth of driving harmonics peppered throughout, a hypnotic groove and pounding percussions. The duo delivers a track full of attitude, punchy and driven, with its dark slant, yet tasty melodies, this beautifully layered gem oozes class and presents itself with a tougher and even more warped sensibility.

4SuMotion’s ‘Climbing Song’ sees a worldwide release on June 29th, 2018 exclusively via Hydrogen Inc. Miss this at your peril!!

4SuMotion – Feel It – 18 / 6 / 18

If you are looking for colour in your sets 4SuMotion’s next EP ‘Feel it and Freak’ on Pro B Tech Music it’s what you need. The Irish duo is presenting an impressive musical eclecticism that can’t leave you indifferent.


The two tracks EP is an excellent example of progressive house. Both tracks have pleasant vocals to enrich the complex sound structures. ‘Feel it’ is a playful piece with dark overtones that can shake every dance enthusiast. ‘Freak’ on the other hand is a game changer that rocks the decks with an oriental approach.